Learning Management System or known as Learning Management System is a term widely used for the range of systems that provide access to online learning services for teachers, administrators and systems. This learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation and reporting of training programs, classes and online activities.

This application refers to various resources that cover curriculum content from pre-school level to university level. Learning topics can be delivered or achieved through direct access to the internet through the use of this system. In fact, this system allows online learning to its users.

MS is a pilot project based on the collaboration between the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and MAMPU. ABLE to pioneer LMS under the open Source Software (OSS) initiative. LMS can be divided into two categories, namely proprietary and open source. An example of a commonly used proprietary LMS is blackboard while an example of an open source LMS is Moodle which is popular and widely used because it is free and can be modified. LMS in SPIN for example, is an interactive teaching and learning management system.


This system is simple because it is able to help teachers or administrators to plan strategies to acquire knowledge and skills. Furthermore, it can develop the potential of students through a continuous learning process in order to motivate and enable an individual to master knowledge. In fact, this system is able to deal with various problems and challenges of life with confidence and creativity and is also able to help teachers, lecturers and administrators to collect and manage information independently. Not to forget, this system is also able to give the ability to teachers and students to express and define information.

This system is also said to be sensitive because it allows students to be positive and believe in their own abilities when given a job. This in turn can prevent them from postponing a given job and be honest and sincere in resolving a job claim. In fact, the system trains all students to be open if they are given a new task or job that allows them to do a job as well as possible.

The learning management system is creative because it helps students to be able to plan strategies to acquire knowledge and skills. Students gain the ability to find new ways to communicate, present and use information. In fact, students can acquire the ability to talk about a learning product by recognizing the intellectual value when they apply the learning management system in their daily lives.



When teachers practice learning management systems, they are able to explore issues or problems that require problem solving on their own. This in turn allows teachers to do virtual learning with formal and informal concepts based on self-learning using multimedia tools and online resources. In fact, teachers and administrators can expand their life experiences so that they are able to deal with various life challenges with confidence and creativity. Not to forget, this system is able to increase synergy between employees and allow learning to be more effective and efficient.

Learning Management systems typically use the internet through learning obtained on university or college websites. SPP is used to help facilitate the management done on students, subjects each semester, help lecturers manage the subjects offered and administration throughout their studies at universities, institutes and colleges.


The Learning Management System or LMS is able to impact the basic activities of educational institutions. LMS also plays a role in training and measuring business skills. It should be aligned with standard procedures for all learning and teaching activities including addressing policy issues related to these activities.

The learning management system brings benefits to teachers and administrators as it helps in centralizing learning and teaching strategies in a more organized manner. In fact, this system is able to install and deliver the core of learning quickly and accurately and can combine all training information into one system. Another use of this system is that it can improve abilities and learning

Moodle can be defined as software that has a high value and its highest use in the educational community especially in higher education and universities. Most UK websites have revealed their full use of Moodle including Kent, Essex, Bath, Birmingham, Glasgow, Open University and the City of Dublin. A mong the local university who uses Moodle is UNITEN.

Learning management system has been widely used in institutions of higher learning and school level by students as well as lecturers. In fact, teachers, lecturers and staff of all educators apply a lot of learning management system in performing their duties. In addition, this learning management system or lms is often used by regulated industries such as financial services for compliance training.

The Learning Management System has begun to enter and operate in the Malaysian Education System. This can be seen through local schools that have started using the learning management system in the learning system in their respective schools including Smk Amin Uddin Baki, Smk Seri Titiwangsa and Sk Putrajaya Precinct 9 (1).


This learning management system was created to facilitate the delivery of online courses for teachers and administrators. In addition, this application provides convenience to students in making references when making an assignment. Next, students will easily learn about the important announcements made. In fact, through the use of this application, students can easily communicate with lecturers and friends in completing assignments through real-time chat, email and so on.

Student learning styles in the learning management system are divided into three fractions namely visual students, audio students and kinstate students. Thus, it can help all types of students in facilitating their learning.


This system or application is proven to provide convenience to teachers and students because it creates centralized learning. In fact, it allows students to do learning anywhere and anytime. In addition, the system helps students find any learning information they need. Furthermore, this application also helps and facilitates the learning process of students.


This learning management system benefits students, teachers and administrators in particular because it is able to standardize administrative efforts. In addition, this application facilitates e-learning with online learning platform and reduces training costs with LMS. In fact, this system helps in improving compliance with regulatory requirements.